In The BeginningMature

A story. What more is there to tell?

When I was just a young thing colony hopping with my mom and our old RSI 550, I never thought I would end up a billionaire philanthropist.

I never thought I would end up a murderer.

I never thought I would die, and come back to life.

I never thought I would meet my literal maker.

I never thought life was truly stranger than fiction.

Now I do. Now I believe all of it. The things they put in the history sheets at the schools are lies. History can be rewritten and has been. Not all of it mind you, but it's the details that matter. The details are what always matters.

This story isn't mine which means I can bullshit all I want. I can make up characters, places, events, and just completely change what happened. You would be none the wiser, and I would have a happier more successful life, and many less people's lives would be in danger.

Fortunately for you the reader, lives are nothing to a man like me.

I crave the bloodshed.

I detest the peace.

I am Vanduul.

And this is not my story.

The End

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