Vandernak- Harden

They say the scariest thing in the world is death, a reasonable fear. But if you want to be truely afraid then you must journey to the darkest reaches of the universe. Far beyond andromada and even beyond the galaxy after that until you come to the most decrepid and decaying corners of the stars.
   There you will find the vortex to the Darkworld. A place where there are no stars, only icy planets thirty times the size of earth. They hide the secret of the Vandernakest. 'The shadows of the day,' as they're called by the locals. They are solar-system eating beings that devour stars, planets even life itself. They live in the dark matter that travles the universe. Have you ever seen dust in the sun? Those are spores. thousands of Vandernakest spores that grow into huge lizard-like creatures with no eyes and a killer sting in their tail. Huge wings dominate their form.
   Now these monstrosities come for the Narino solar system and it's people. The Narnio Planetary Patrol has been left in charge of protecting us but their weapons have no effect on them!
   Farma has found something in the ground, a gem of some sorts. It fits directly into his gauntlet.
   Suddenly a swarm bursts from the ground and attacks him. He's about to run when the gem opens and a huge monster flies out! It was the size of his ship and green, with markings down it's back.
 "Attack!" He shouted. The huge green creature opened it's mouth and out came a toungue of pure whit flames. The Vandernakest scream horribly as their light brown skin burned off their bones.
   After the battle the creature returns to it's capsule. Farma runs before another swarm takes a shot at him.

Check my profile to see a drawing of it! I'll add a picture of the others later.

The End

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