No words can describe what I am. I am nothing, and everything. My face serves only to mask the forked tongue behind my teeth. Are you afraid of me? I’d be afraid of me, I am afraid of me. I can’t control it anymore. My victims haunt my dreams, even when I’m awake I can still see them. Their eyes tear me apart. How am I to live like this?

I am a monster. I used to make my victims watch as I tore out their tongues whole and let them bleed to death in my arms. There is a lot to be said about a persons dying breath, I thrive on it. My life is measured by people’s last breaths. If you look closely enough, right at the last second, just stare into their eyes. The looks of sheer terror are replaced by a blankening stare, it makes you feel…powerful. You’re the one in control, it is YOU that decided whether they live or die.         

The End

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