Vampires 2

My blood seemed to run cold. They were insane. They wanted to kill me. I knew I had to get away. My mind fought the cold mist until my thoughts were my own again. The blood ran sluggishly through my legs, but I forced them to move. A step backwards, towards the open mouth of the alley, towards escape.

Neither of them missed the movement. The man strolled backwards, almost to the wall. He glanced at me, and a smile curved his lips.

"I'll be back when you're done... I'm afraid you'll have to clean up the mess. I wouldn't trust myself."

She understood him although I didn't. Phoenix bent his knees the tiniest amount and sprung. He landed on his feet on the narrow top of the wall at the peak of his flight. I was too in shock to note that even the most talented human could not have made that high a jump. Something white fluttered from the pocket of his coat like a solitary snowflake.

A nod from the girl and he dropped down the other side without even looking to see where he would fall. I did not hear him land.

The End

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