Vampires CaveMature

You are the fearless seth, not afraid of anything,you are a vampire hunter and you have been paid 100,0000 pounds to kill the vampires of bloodline caves, but you have been grouped with a coward, dull blonde, kicks ass chick, and Rubeun the werewolf.

This is just a story written by me and LibbyRoseHolmes, so please don't write our story, but please feel free to comment and tell us stuff you would like in the story!

The group  stood before the wide gaping mouth of the cave. "How did i end up with these knobs?'' you thought to yourself, '' I wanted a experienced hunting group, but the good fighters have to be paired with the sacrificial 'virgin' and Derek the coward.'' "what am i doing here?" asks laura door  the dull one  "remember i told you, you are here to be the sacrifced virgin" you tell her, "ohhhhh alright what is a virgin?" she replies, but you ignore her "  "do we really have to go in there?" derek asks you but by this time you are so angry will you                            

The End

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