I sat down on the black leather sofa and Rosilla sat next to me. "So, what is your friend Tyler like?" She asked. "Um... Well, he probably won't trust you but if you see him, tell him I'm looking for him. I really need to know where he is. I think he's in trouble," I said, suddenly realizing. What if this woman had Tyler? What if she was planning to take me as well? Jessie wasn't safe on her own. I had to find Tyler. And fast. I stood up. Rosilla looked like she was expecting it. There was an evil glint in her dark eyes as she grinned slyly at me. I ran to the door. Rosilla did nothing. She knew for sure that the door was locked and I would never get it open again. All the same, I banged and banged on it, willing to open for me. Of course, it never did. My last sight was of Rosilla walking slowly towards me, her eyes shining with excitment. Pain surged through me. I screamed but no sound came. I was alone, possibly dying. The pain would not stop. I was surely at deaths door. Nothing could save me. The pain was mudering me. Rosilla's face kept on flashing before my eyes.

The End

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