I hesitated. Suddenly, without warning, I ran in the direction that Tyler had gone, without even thinking to tell Jessie. A bit further along the path I found a scrap of Tylers shirt hanging from a waist-high branch. Blood was also trailed along the ground. This was where Tyler was ambushed. I had to find him. And find him fast.

I began stumbling through the forest. It seemed to be closing in on me. I ran on faster, hoping that this forest would soon end. Suddenly, a mansion appeared in front of me. I skidded to a halt. Hidden Mansion was written on a small sign outside. I wanted to get out of here. Something didn't seem right. I knocked loudly, hoping that if there were people inside that they would let me in. A woman answered. She was slim, dark-haired and, in a weird way, quite pretty. "Excuse me, have you seen a boy walk past, he has dark hair and dark eyes," I begged her. "Um..." She looked genuinly shocked, "Sorry, I haven't. But come inside and tell me about him. I might see him walk by." Something seemed strange about this woman but any excuse to get away from these woods would do. I stepped inside. "I'm Rosilla," She said, sitting me down. As soon as she shut the door and locked it, she gave me a sly grin. I suddenly wondered. Should I be in this house?  

The End

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