Vampires and Angels

Lucy goes camping with her friends, Jessie and Taylor. She gets lost in the woods and meets a pale scary girl. Will she survive this scary adventure or will it all end miserably...

I grinned as Jessie and I unrolled Taylor's and my sleeping-bags in the 3-man tent. Jessie was doing hers and generally tidying up the tent. Taylor was looking for shops. I told him that even a chip shop would do. Hopefully he'd buy something warm for dinner. "When did you send Taylor off?" Jessie asked, hoping he'd be back soon, as I was. "Erm... About twenty minutes ago. I wonder where he's got to," I replied, my stomach gurgling.

50 minutes had gone by before I decided to ring him to see where he was. I waited. He didn't answer for a while - not like him. Finally, I got through to him. "Hey. Where are you?" I asked. "Um. I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'll be back soon -" He was interrupted. I was just about to cut him off but a distant rasping voice began talking. "You are Taylor Jackson, son of Peter and Vanessa Jackson. You are a half blood but you can not escape your destiny no matter how hard you try. YOU SHOULD BE KILLING!" It shouted. Then the only sound I could hear was Taylors soft whimpering. Suddenly a deafening scream and the line went dead. I began shaking. I don't think it was to do with the ice cold weather.

The End

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