Go to sleep like the policeman said

I decided to go back to bed. Just as I was drifting off, a loud knock rattled on the door. I sat up, deciding to answer it. Slowly, I plodded downstairs to open the door. I looked up and the blurry figure seemed to be tall and dressed in dartk clothes.

I opened the door and sure enough a tall, dark figure grinned mischeviously at me. "Hello," He grinned, "I thought if you wouldn't come to me, then I would come to  you."

"Wha... what do you mean?" I stuttered.

"I knew you were thinking about going round. You know, the bat and the face. Oh, and the nightmares," The strange man explained, "Let me come in and we'll... talk for a while."

What should I do? What could I do?

The End

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