Go next door and investigate

I put on a pair of trousers and an old t-shirt and trekked downstairs. I slipped on my old trainers and opened the door. Coldness gnawed angrily at my bones as I cautiously wondered acrossthe road. Moonlight threatened to blind me as I slowly walked up to the door. Again, this whole thing seemed like a dream. 

I knocked on the cold, hard door and waited for the reply. A young man answered the door. I expected him to shout at me for waking him up at half 1 in the morning. But he didn't; he grinned. "Well, not often we get guests at this time. Still, not like us to disappoint. Do come in for a bite," the man grinned, baring fangs for a split second "We don't often get guests at all! And when they do... well... lets say they never want to go out again! Yes, do come in."

The End

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