When Jay finds out his neighbours are vampires he doesn't know what to do. Should he tell the police or keep it to himself? More important, will he be safe or will he be bitten?

It was a silent night. I couldn't sleep. I stared at the clock. It was 1 in the morning. The moonlight peered through the curtains, slicing the room in half like a knife through cheese.  

Suddenly an ear-piercing screech burst through my ears, making the house shudder. I sat up and gazed out the window. Something flew into the house next door. It was a bat. It must of been. Suddenly a dark face appeared in my window. Whatever it was it had fangs. It was only there for a split second but it freaked me.

I was probably just seeing things. I was tired. Nothing seemed real any more. Even the moonlight suddenly felt fake. Once the face had disappeared, a sudden chill had filled the air. Everything felt like a dream. Whatever it was, was in the house next-door. 

It suddenly occured to me. Fangs. Bats. Coldness. Vampires. 

What next?

The End

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