The girl

Takuto ran all the way down the hill to the little hut that his new friend Sakura lived in. When he got there and knocked on the door she answered and looked really pleased to see him but also as if she was expecting him.

"Are you okay Sakura?"

"Yes I am. Where you worried?"

"Yeah I guess I was a little. Only cause I don't make friends easily then when I do I get really worried and over protective of them. Most of my friends stopped being friends with me because I did that."

"That's a shame. I think it is a good qualitly to have. It helps the other person, in this case me, get to know you better. I have to admit this is a good opportunity for you to ask questions."

"How did you know I was going to come and see if you were okay?"

"That's easy. I shouldn't really tell you but I am an old friend of Meroko. Also I am a blood witch so I sensed you."

"Oh... WAIT WHAT!"

"I thought you would have that reaction."

The conversation went on like this for a while. Then Takuto said he had to go home and asked if Sakura needed anything. If she did at any time she was just to come over. He said he had a little brother to tend to.

When he was a little away from the house he looked back and waved to Sakura and she waved back.

It had looked like she had been crying when I was talking to her. Her eyes were red. Oh well. It's not my place to know.

Thus ending their conversation. Now you know how I knew who she was.

The End

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