"Hey brother. I have big news but I think I will let Meroko tell you that tonight."

"I'm not going."

"Yes you are. I promised you would come. She has something to tell you. So you have to come along with me. You don't want your little brother to die in the forest, do you?"

"No, Eichi, of course not. I'll come."

Takuto had met Eichi at the bottom of the hill they were staying at. As you could tell he was tired and didn't really want to go along to see Meroko since he had had enough of girls already.

"So what happened at your school today big brother? Make any friends?"

"Isn't that mum's job to ask us that?"

"Yeah but mum won't be home for a while. So..."

"You thought you would ask. Right?"

"Right! So..."

"I made a friend. She lives at the bottom of the hill. In the tiny little cottage. I think she might live alone."

"Weird. I wonder why she didn't tell you. Well I made a friend too. Her name is Lydia."

"Great we both made girl friends."

"Hey brother was that sarcasim?"

"Yes it was."


When they got up the hill they both got changed had a snack and got ready to come see me. When they made it to the forest. Things didn't go as well as I planned.

"Hey little one hello Takuto."


"Glad you used the right name" I only whispered that and I didn't think Takuto had heard but he had hearing better than me.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well that's the big news, brother."

"Wait don't tell me I want to be a detective when I grow up. Meroko was worried you wouldn't make any friends so she made herself a twelve year old and pretended to be a newcomer to the school like you. She just wanted to check on you. She went under the name of Lydia and she made friends with you. But told you of who she was. So was I right?"

We must have both looked shocked because he just laughed.

"I told you I wanted to be a detective when I grew up!"

"I just didn't expect you to get it all right Takuto."

"Yeah brother how did you do it?"

"Well I know for a fact that you're not very good at making friends, little brother, and people don't generally make friends with you unless you know them from somewhere and they are going undercover. It's happened before. She must have addressed you as 'little one and you knew who it was straight away. I was right again, right?"

"Yeah you were right Takuto. You are too good for us. Now you can go home. I know that you are stressing over the poor girl at the bottom of the hill what was her name?"

"Sakura?" Takuto provided for her.

"Yeah. Thanks."

"Yes, I am a little. I think she lives alone so I wanted to go and check on her. I didn't really need to come here in the first place!"

"No, since you already know what has happened."

"So I can go?"

"Yes, but you must come back every night without fail or I will come looking for you. If you don't appear by eleven o'clock then I will come looking for you! Understand?"


"Little one, you stay here with me I have things to talk to you about."

The little one and I watched Takuto run off out the forest and down the hill. Then I started to tell the little one everything about the forest and me. Why I am in the forest. What I am. (That one I really shouldn't be telling him or Takuto but I feel I need to.) Also the presense the little one has been feeling.

All shall be revealed to him soon.

The End

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