With me not around you could tell that Takuto was feeling uneasy. And he didn't even know me yet. It was weird but I could sense his worry. He went into class and everyone was staring at him.

"Look the newcomer has arrived."

"We don't want you here"

"I don't want to make another new friend!"

These were only a few greetings he got when he entered.

"Hello, you must be Takuto. Welcome to the high school. Everyone is really nice if you just get to know them. Everyone say hi to Takuto."

"Hi Takuto" replied a girl cheerfully. Everyone in the class looked at her and she looked away from everyone.

"Well I guess the only seat is next to that young lady who just said hi to you."

He sat down not knowing what to say to his class mates. The young girl he was sitting next to, he found out later that she was called Sakura, started the conversation between them.

"Hey Takuto."


"Look stop being so nervous you've made a friend already!

"Your rig... Wait I haven't made a friend yet."

"ME! Silly."

"Oh, you."

"My name is Sakura"

"You already know my name. Sorry. Hey Sakura"

"Hang out with me and you should be fine around here."

"Uh thanks."

His classes were too easy for him and Sakura was a real help. She showed him everything there was to be shown. Literally everything. At lunch they ate with all of Sakura's friends. But, unfortunetly, no one talked to him. Apart from Sakura, of course.

When it came to going home his mum didn't come to pick him up so, again unfortunetly, he found out that Sakura lived near by and that they could walk home together.

So Highschool was pretty bad. But at least he made an annoying friend. That's better than Eichi's attempt he made zero friends. I don't count I already knew him. All the girls thought he was cute but didn't want to be friends with him.

I think the conclusion is... school didn't go very well for either of them.

The End

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