Elementary school

For this one chapter we will be focusing on Eichi and his school life.

It was the first day of a new school year. It was also the first day that Takuto and Eichi would go to their new school's. Takuto to high school. And Eichi to elementary. The older, Takuto, was in his last year of highschool and the younger, Eichi, was in his last year of elementary school.

It was also my first school day but I did my best not to make myself too visible in Eichi's school. I transformed to make myself look like a girl his age and put glasses on. I had to go to Eichi's school with my body guards but I made them swear they were going to be invisible to human eyes. Anyway back to Eichi and Takuto.

They both got a ride to their school's, Takuto's first then Eichi's. Like I said we are going to be focusing on Eichi's school day first. Then Takuto's in the next chapter.

Eichi walked into his new classroom. The teacher, who he found out a little later her name was Miss Black, she said to the class

"Good morning class"

And they replied

"Good morning Miss Black"

"We have two new students entering our class this year. Their names are..."

She was letting us introduce ourselves. What a relief. I can make up a fake name now.

"My name is Eichi"

My best friend, or the person going to be one of my best friends, said without hesitating.

"Oh...uh... and my name is... Lydia."

Glad to get that over and done with. I had just used my middle name. Makes sense first thing I could think of.

At break all the girls were talking to me asking how a managed to look so cute. I couldn't think of anything to say and just stayed quiet. But that's when I saw Eichi all by himself. I need to tell him it's me.

"Excuse me girls. I need to talk to someone"

I walked away towards Eichi.

"Where is she going?

"She is talking to the random new boy"

"Ewwwwww" Everyone else replied which i thought was a little bit rude.

Anyway back to me and telling Eichi, and making him know, it was me.

"Hey there little one."


"Yup. Wow I can't believe I did such a good job of pretending to be a twelve year old."

"Yeah you did you fooled me."

"Aren't you going to ask why I am here?"

"No. I already know. It's to keep an eye on me right? To make sure I make friends and have a good time at school."

"Yeah your smarter than I thought"

All the girls who were talking to me looked over and saw I was laughing and having a joke with the new kid. They came over to ask what I was doing but they caught it at the wrong time.

I hugged him because he said he was feeling upset no one wanted to be friends with him. He said :

"Thanks Meroko."

And all the girls heard it. Oh great what was I going to do now.

"You need to start calling me Lydia."

"Hey what you doing." Asked Monica. The most cute girl I have ever seen.

"He is an old friend, haven't seen him in five years at least so he is going to hang out with us.Okay?"

"Yeah, okay, fine with me but keep him out of trouble"

"Alright Monica."

So that's how Eichi and I's first day went in school. Lunch was the same Eichi was hanging out with us. I would talk to him, he would talk to me, and the girls would try and talk to me but I wasn't listening. I think hanging out here  is going to be more fun than I thought with Eichi around!

The End

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