Two boys venture into a forest. They don't know what they have got themselves into. One boy is only 12 while the other is 17. They meet a young lady who unfortunetly can't come out during the day. She's a vampire.They don't know and she doesn't plan on telling them any time soon. But it can't stay like that for long. Everything goes wrong when the boys gets dragged into the vampire world by some of the girls body guards. They doesn't think he will make it out alive!


"Hey, how was I meant to know you were going to take me to a forest little brother."

"Well it's not that bad is it? We're not lost yet!"

Great. That makes me feel real better." This place gives me the creeps."

"Well yeah it's pretty weird but it's cool right?"

"Yeah it's cool. I guess."

The people who are talking are going to be my two very best of friends! They're names are Takuto and Eichi. The older one, Takuto, is 17 years old and the younger, Eichi, is 12years old. Oh and I'm Meroko i'm 15. I'm just a normal girl... Or that's what everyone in the human world thinks! I have a huge secret but I haven't told anyone about it yet. Well no one in the human world. Only the people in my world know because we are all the same type of people. We are all Monsters. The human world, Earth, intrests me a lot but i can't leave the forest other wise my body guards come and get me whether I like it or not. So I tend only to come here when someone enters the forest. But that's not very often. People in the human world who live in this part of Japan make up all kinds of story's about the forest. I guess most of them are true but some are just ridiculous! I'll let you get back to the conversation at hand.

"Hey we are really far into this forest are you sure this place is not dangerous."

"Seriously, your older than me brother and your scared?"

"Well... Yeah a little. But only a little"

Oh I haven't explaned why they are in the forest. Surely they should know about the story's and rumors. No. Of course not. It's Takuto and Eichi. They only just moved to Japan a couple of days ago so no they don't know yet. But they will as soon as I show up. I will tell them! Whether it's fate or not! Anyway back to the conversation again.

"What's that up ahead?"

"Hey little brother I think we should head back now."

"Your just scared. Come on. I think it's a person."

"Fine then we head back."

"Okay fine."

"Okay let's go see who that is"




The End

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