This is from a story I wrote a while ago... I never finished it so I thought I'd just post it on here. A girl gets lured into an alleyway where she is attacked by vampires.

The slightest sound. I looked up towards it. It was him - the man had been perched on a window sill two storeys up. Surely the girl could not have dropped from that height and made so little noise. But even as I watched, Phoenix straightened from his crouch and dropped, cat-like, to the ground. The tails of his leather coat flew above him like bat's wings, and settled with only the merest of rustles as he landed effortlessly on both feet without stumbling.

I stared, stunned. I would have been open-mouthed if my lips would part. I was sure that the girl was doing something to cause it. She had spoken of hypnosis…

He studied me briefly. I knew what he was doing from his posture, although his eyes were concealed. It was disconcerting not being able to see them - a lie, the blurriness of a drunk, or the glimmer of madness within them would have reassured me.

He shook his head a fraction to either side.

"I would kill her first. You know my control is weaker than yours."

The End

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