Layla then woke up in hospital about 5-6 days later after he saved her, she had no recollection of what happened apart from tumbling in through the window, colliding into the mirror and also being followed.

The rest of the night or at least the week is a blur, a huge enormous blur, the only thing she kinda remembers is his attentive green eyes, narrowing and staring at how she had the nerve to hit him.

She shook off her uneasy and nervous feeling and tried to get out of bed. There was no one in the room whilst she gazed around, dazed and shocked at how many ‘get well soon' cards, flowers and other things there were. She took a few careful steady steps yet her feet had failed her from the lack of movement.

She gasped obviously shocked at seeing her bruised and short stitches on her wrist. ‘'Oh my!'' the nurse said seeing Layla sprawled out on the floor, she gently picked Layla from the ground and placed her back in the bed. ‘'Now, my love, don't try to get out of bed again. The doctor will stop by soon and assess your wound'' and with that she gave an enormous friendly smile and swiftly left.

‘'Ouch'' Layla said, rubbing at her sore hands and legs. ‘'How long was I under?'' ‘'Only a few days'' he smiled while Layla gasped at recognizing the bright green eyes looking at her attentively. ‘'B-b-b-but...'' she stumbled ‘'shouldn't I be dead?? I mean I...   ...stumbled and fell into the mirror and I cut my wrist, shouldn't I be dead??'' she questioned. ‘'who are you anyways? Why are you here? Why were you following me??'' she shot a load of questions at him.

He smugly answered ‘'Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Slow down! Don't get over-worked here. Truth is I only alerted your parents so you wouldn't die, you're not supposed to be dead and you did fall into the mirror and I did also save you. Oh, and by the way...''

‘'Enough! Enough!'' she interrupted exasperatedly ‘'lets not be all cocky here, yes you did save my life and I thank you greatly for it, but do you have to be all up-your-own-arse about it?''

‘'bu...'' ‘'But nothing! Now I'm tired from face-planting the floor in my attempt to break free so again thanks a lot but can you please leave now? Please?'' she begged.

He took a cigarette out of his pocket, propped it between his lips and took one last, haunting glance at her before slowly making an exit. Layla shivered, the unclear night still resting heavily in her head.


The End

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