Vampire In The Dark.


      Awaken to a scream, my heart beats faster then a hummingbird locked in a tissue box. My eyes blaze with amazing precision as everything around me is crystal clear. One problem. I’m not in my bed, but laying in pitch darkness in the middle of what seems to be a field.

     The sound echoes and my head twitches at rapid speed & I stare in all directions. Suddenly it hits me as my head throbs of a sharp pain. A pain that is not of a wound or bruise but inside my head. As if a knife had been hidden within my skull is now shattering & piercing through my flesh. My neck shakes to try & control it and I get a hold of myself. I stare down upon my chest and follow my gaze to my hands. They are covered in a sticky substance of some kind, very wet. I can’t see much colors in this darkness so I have no idea what it may be. I bring them closer to my face & eyes for a better look.

     Suddenly, as if my instinct, my tongue dances behind my lips and I have the sudden urge to lick my fingers dry. It’s then that I realize that the liquid on my hands is blood. A deep maroon shaded blood that somehow doesn’t look sickening at all to me. My tongue protrudes from my caged lips and devours every single last drop. I lick my lips to get what tiny specks remain and start to walk in the direction that feels right. It seems as if my mind is homing in on something…or someone.

     The tall grass is filled with thorns that bite at my skin with every step. I look back for some odd reason to realize that in a matter of seconds I have somehow walked at least a mile or more. My head jerks round and I see that I’m long out of the field and now on cold, hard pavement. With that I know I am barefoot and notice that I have not left a single foot print or mark on the grass or pavement at all. It was as if I had been teleported to this road from the exact spot where I awoke.

     I see a light heading towards me as it blinds me for a matter of seconds. It’s a car, and it comes to a slow stop right beside me. The car window creeks down and a middle aged man with a short, scruffy beard peers out. “Hey, you lookin’ for a drive somewhere?”. It takes me a moment for the words to enter my head. “Why yes, I guess I got kind of lost out here when I went for a walk, you going to town?”.

     Some little part in my brain was able to come up with a story in less then a second and I couldn’t believe myself. “Yes, yes, get in”, the man then opens the car door and I get in. As if I pushed a button the pain in my head becomes full tilt again and is excruciating. I feel myself want to scream but instead my mouth just stretches open and my tongue moves rapidly. I grip the car seat and my nails dig deep into the apothecary and rip through it. The man stares at me in total horror and asks “are you okay?”.

      I grin and bare all my teeth and in those next few seconds four things happened. First, I jumped on top of the man in the driver seat and dug my left hand into his shoulder and my right into his head and pushed it over. Second, I opened my mouth wide and sunk my teeth into the cold flesh of his neck. Third, I drank the blood from his body as if I had been dehydrated for years. Fourth and finally as I felt his body go numb I released my grip and my teeth and smiled with absolute pleasure and laughed a soft, horrifying laughter into the night.

     I opened the driver seat door and stepped out gracefully and grasped the collar of now dead man and pulled him out of the car swiftly & easily. I got back into the car and drove off leaving the pale corpse for some poor soul to find. It was then as I drove that my head swarmed with thoughts. Scarily not a single thought of guilt entered my mind, all I felt was the highest feeling of pleasure, like ecstasy. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt in my life.

     I turned the car mirror so I could catch a glimpse of myself. But when the mirror turned I saw nothing, not a single thing. It was as if I stood invisible in the seat. Stunned I moved the mirror back into place and kept my eyes on the road. I drove for miles in the darkness before I found a small quick stop with gas. I knew I didn’t need food, gas, or anything else of the kind but something inside me told me to stop there.

     I pulled in and parked the car still in the darkness of lights of the store and slowly got out. I made my way to into the store and had to adjust my eyes to the bright neon lights that surrounded me. I walked around and saw three people in total who were at the store. A skinny boy, probably in his late teens at the cashier. A man with a mud covered jacket and a baseball cap buying what looked like pipe tobacco. And finally a girl, no more then 25 and absolutely beautiful who was getting a drink from a fridge at the back of the store.

     I felt an urge to the girl, as if a force pulling me towards her. I didn’t know if I was thirsting her blood or her beauty. But I acted casual and looked upon the aisles of junk food & car accessories as if I was looking for something certain. I would let my gaze wonder up every few seconds and I watched as the girl made her way to cashier and waited behind the man with baseball cap.

     Suddenly, the man pulled out a gun and pointed it an inch from the skinny boy’s face. He demanded for him to open the cashier and give him everything inside it. Even in my state I didn’t know what to do. Stay still? Watch? Help? Attack? But for me I thought of it as no big deal, it’s only spare change. But right when I was thinking to myself the man grabbed the girl and placed the gun hard against her forehead and raised his voice demanding for the money or he would shoot the girl.

     In that moment everything went into slow motion again, just like in the car. I smashed through the aisle in front of me and dashed toward the girl. I stretched my hand to grab the man and pierce his flesh with my fangs but even faster then I was moving was the girl. With one quick motion she released her drink, twisted the man’s arm, knocking the gun from his hand, and sinking her teeth straight down into his jugular. She drank his blood dry and then released her grip on him to let his corpse fall dead to the floor.

     She bent over and picked up her drink, turned to me and smiled. My eyes connected with hers as we stared at each other. “Seems like you forgot a little”, I pointed to her chin and the top of her lip. Right then & there she pulled herself closer to me as we stared at each other only maybe half an inch from one another. She then started to kiss me passionately. We kissed for what seemed like hours but was only a single moment. We let go and she looked me in the eyes again and said “Welcome”.

     With that we both turned and there shivering in absolute terror was the skinny boy up against the wall behind the counter. She set her drink on the counter “Well I’m not thirsty anymore…”, she looked at me then to the skinny boy then back to me again, “But are you?”.

The End

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