"You need to get away from him," Jesse's whispered words return to me in my sleep, "use any excuse to get away from him. I'm trying to protect you, just trust me." Protect me from what, exactly? My best friend? I'll admit that what he said unsettled me, but coming home was not a choice influenced by those words.

Okay, it might have been a little bit, but can you blame me? I knew it was dangerous travelling with a vampire; I'm not a total idiot.

But did Jesse think he was protecting Angelina, too? He killed her. And frankly, that doesn't sound very protective to me.

I shift slightly from where I am curled up in bed and feel my body brush against someone else's. I frown and then groan quietly. Did I really pick up another stranger? And actually manage to forget?

As I roll over and take in the guy beside me, it would seem so. Question is, how do you forget about picking up someone as gorgeous as that? I remember him now, though; taller than me, tanned and toned... yep. I can totally see how I forgot about him.


I slip out of bed and wander off to have a shower. The sun's barely up, but there's no chance I'm getting back to sleep now that I've got Jesse's warning stuck in my head all over again.

"Trying to protect me. Pfft," I scoff at the shower tiles as I scrub my skin. Since I don't have work until the evening, when I get out of the shower, I throw on a pair of sweats and wait for my sexy stranger to wake up and get the fuck out of my apartment. In the mean time... I'm going to eat nachos and flip out the sofa bed so I can laze around in front of the TV.

It's just gonna be one of those days, isn't it?


When noon comes and goes, and my sexy stranger still hasn't woken up, I begin to consider throwing a bucket of water on him and chucking him out. I glance through the doorway into my bedroom and catch another glance of him. You can't wake a face like that up. He looks all peaceful and sexy.

Because I'm never comfortable leaving people I don't know alone in my apartment, I call in sick to the restaurant I work at, grovelling some more to my boss and promising to make up for lost time on the day I would usually have off. I try to glower at the slumbering figure on my bed, but I can't. Even though he's apparently dead to the world, he's just one of those people that it seems impossible to be mad at. With a sigh, I turn my attention back to the TV.


At about eight in the evening, I finally move my lazy ass off the sofa and go to get ready for my shift at the bar.

Which is when I notice that something in my room is missing.

Where did the sexy stranger go?

More importantly, when, and how did I not notice?

I walk into my room to see if he'd like, fallen on the floor or something, but there was nothing. Just a messy tangle of bed sheets and a note on my bedside cabinet.

Wait, a note? I pick it up and frown slightly at the slanted writing.

Hey, gorgeous. Sorry to slip off without saying goodbye, but I over slept a tad. Thanks for a good night, maybe see you around?

He signed off with his number and his name. Brody. Huh. 


The End

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