I'm not usually one to be easily discouraged, but nearly a whole week of exactly the same responses to my pleas for help is beginning to take its toll. They look at me with masked fear, or disdain. Or both.

They either all know I'm a hunter, or newborns really are that fucking awful.

I've tried bargaining with a few - "I know what hunters look for, I know how they find you - we can help each other here" they don't buy it, apparently.

But most of them say nothing, they just walk away. I've never been able to work out if vampires have some kind of social structure, and I'm not even sure if they do, so trying to find the right one to help me is proving more of a challenge than I thought it might be.

Not that I thought it'd be easy, mind. Just... not this frustrating, or draining.

When negotiating with mute vampires isn't on my mind, Angelina is. The intensity of the regret and anger isn't fading, and it never fails to surprise me each time I feel it. Despite the intensity of those two emotions, I feel incredibly drained. Apart from frustration, I'm finding it difficult to feel much else.

I keep telling myself to get a grip and hurry up with finding a vampire willing to help.

It's not working so well.

I've left the city behind for a bit. I don't know which one - they all look the same to me. I don't know why, I just followed my feet. Grey Eyes has been leaving me to it for a while, instead of pointing me in any particular direction and so I've roamed randomly.

The sun begins to burn the horizon, a light pinky-orange glow rising up through the darkness. I squint and head for whatever shelter happens to be nearby.

Which is woodland.

Well, I did always want to go camping.



The End

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