An alcoholic kiss.Mature



So going clubbing and looking for someone willing to spend the night fucking your brains out probably isn't the best way to deal with your unrequited lust and love for your best friend. I'll be the first to admit it. I'll also be the first to advocate it.

A song I know comes on, and I'm drunk enough to start singing along, at the top of my voice. And out of key.

The strobe lights come on and the world stops making sense; I'd been heading for the bar, but now I can't even remember what direction it was in. Fumbling arms wrap around my waist and time passes like a flick book with gaps as I turn to see the silhouette of a confident looking guy grinning at me. He doesn't wait for a reaction beyond that before pressing an alcoholic kiss on me.


In the morning, I find a tanned body curled against mine, his arm tight around my waist and his face buried in the nape of my neck. I can't remember ever hearing his name, and I don't remember getting back here.

I groan inwardly, suddenly remembering why one night stands are generally something I avoid like the plague. The whole waking up with a stranger, unable to remember who they are, or how they talked their way into your bed, and then the awkwardness when you're both awake. And the added awkwardness if you see each other later on - you pretend you don't know them, but sometimes they think it'd be a good idea to talk to you and remind you how good a shag you were and could they come round some time soon for another night of reckless sex.

Dislodging his arm, I slip out of the bed, padding into the bathroom to wash the sex from my skin and give him a chance to get out of my apartment.

Sure enough, when I re-emerge twenty minutes later, he's gone and I'm left to clean the sheets. With a sigh, I strip the bed and ignore the throbbing in the back of my head. I can't be bothered to find coffee or paracetamol. I just feel strangely resigned, like I'm going to spend a long time like this and have given myself over to it already.

I give myself a mental slap. It was one night, not the rest of your life. Stop being such a fucking retard about it. 


The End

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