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Running is beginning to bore me. The raging in my head, the scenery blurring into a dark streak of blacks and greens or greys and oranges, the only sounds being my footfall and breaths - it all blends into one unintelligible mess. Running at this speed, the air bears no resistance to me. It feels like time has stopped - I can't tell what's going on anymore.

I slow down to a more human-speed kind of run, watching as the current fuzz of dark grey and lurid orange becomes a distinct pattern of roads, buildings and streetlamps. I don't know where I am, but it's a town of some kind, and where there're people, there're vampires. And I'm looking for vampires.

Only thing is, I'm looking for one that will teach me to survive, which will probably involve a fair amount of acting, on my part. Who would want to teach a hunter?

I use my nose to guide me, sniffing out the scent I've picked up off Jesse and that other vampire who freaked out when I interrupted her - the smell of coldness. Y'know that sort of sterile, metallic smell? It was faint, but it was definitely on both of them, and when the wind is in the right direction, I can smell it on me, too.

It doesn't take long to find a vampire, now I know what I'm looking for. As a human, we'd have studied suspicious deaths for weeks first, tracked down and tagged a vampire before carefully planning how to go about confronting them. Now all I have to do is sniff the air a bit.

I smell him, and see his shadow before I catch up to him, quickening my pace around the corner. Hearing me, he stiffens and turns watching me warily. I hadn't considered how I might go about asking another vampire for their help... Should have thought of that one first, maybe. Good one, Alex.

"What do you want?" he asks, shoving his hands in his jeans pockets. I can't help but notice how he takes half a step back and regards me warily. He smells of fear. He hides it well, relaxing his posture, and acting casual. He's not fooling me. Something has him spooked.

"Umm..." I rub the back of my neck awkwardly, "I kinda need help."

"So you ask me?" he lets out a low laugh, shaking his head, "can't help ya. Sorry." He starts to turn and walk away.

"I haven't even said what kind of help I need," I bite back a growl, staying where I am. I won't follow him like some kind of lost puppy.

"You stink of blood and inexperience. A newborn no doubt," he sneers, like being a newborn is something that disgusts him.

"Yeah, well that's why I need help. The one who turned me seems to have abandoned me... I don't know where else to go," I put on a vaguely pleading tone, hoping it makes me seem needy enough for him to sympathise, but not so needy that I'm about to throw myself on the ground and cling to his ankles if he tries to walk away again.

"I'm not the guy for the job," he shrugs, trying to look relaxed about my persistence, "I've never been stupid enough to turn anyone. I wouldn't know how to deal with teaching you." He turns away again and doesn't wait for me to interrupt him again before breaking into a sprint that has him vanishing into the darkness beyond the orange lights. With a dejected sigh, I wander around a while longer, contemplating the reactions of the last two vampires I've come across.

The End

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