"Jesse is watching you," a voice whispers in my ear, "I suggest you get a move on and find a vampire willing to teach you how to survive." I freeze, the angry ranting in the back of my mind ceasing instantly. I turn and look at Grey Eyes incredulously. He smiles and twists me back around, pushing me forward.

"Why's he just watching?" I ask as I go the way he wants me to.

"He's working with those hunters, now. I'm not sure what their deal is, but it probably involves him killing you in return for them sparing his life." Hunters working with the kind they're s'posed to kill? What. The. Fuck?

"Who are you?"

"A friend. Now get your ass in gear and go north." Frustrated by his answer, I feel the raging noise start back up in my head, ready to yell at him. But he's already gone.

"Fuck's sake," I snap irritably, stalking off in the direction I'm facing. North, huh? What's so fucking interesting about the north?

I don't hang around and shout for Grey Eyes to get back here and explain why he wants me to go north - now he's pointed out Jesse's watching me, I can feel his eyes on me more than ever. Or maybe it's Grey Eyes' gaze I've been feeling.

Either way, I break into a jog, quickly working up to a flat out sprint, trying to figure out as the countryside passes me in less than a blur, which way is north.


To say I've calmed down by the time I've run most of the way across Wales would be somewhat of a lie.

Okay, it would be an outrageous lie. The back of my head is ranting about how life is unfair, why couldn't they have killed me, instead of turned me? Why me, even? What sparked the attack on my family when I was younger? Why, why, why?

I'm running through a pseudo town, y'know, one of those villages that's horribly built up? I only realise I'm following my nose when I slow to a jog and turn down an alley to see a shadowy figure crouched over a body spread eagled on the floor. It might have looked like they were being mugged, if the shadowy one's mouth wasn't attached to the other person's neck.

The shadowy one looks around, taken aback by my presence and lets out a low hiss as I stop in the entrance to the alley. She cowers, the submissive move surprising me.

"I haven't hurt him!" she wails, moving off him, edging away from me slowly, "he's still conscious, look!"

"Barely!" I spit, bending down over him to apply pressure to the wound she'd made. She cringes as I rip a strip off his shirt using it place of some kind of dressing. I rip off another strip and use that one to tie the first in place. I look up to ask the vampire woman if she knew where he was supposed to be. Only, she was climbing over the fence at the end of the alley, taking off into the dark. Useful.

As I sit the guy up, I wonder what was with her reaction. I look like a normal enough guy - six foot-ish, dark hair, wearing a hoodie and jeans... that's normal enough, isn't it? You can't tell I've got a hunting knife unless you roll my sleeve up, so it can't be that. I frown. It took the woman I ran into in Maxxie's car long enough to figure out I'm a hunter. Can't be that either.

I look up at the fence she climbed over, as if it might bring her back and make her explain her unreasonable fear of me. 


The End

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