Unusually quiet.Mature



"Have you been able to get in touch with Mickey at all?" Boss' voice fills the car and Connor and I look at each other.

"We haven't needed to, why?"

"He's not been responding on either his radio or phone. Can you see if you can get through to him?" Connor agrees and, since I'm driving, he tests both Mickey's phone and radio, with no answer.

"I thought he'd been unusually quiet," Connor says with a bemused smile, before getting back to boss and letting him know we got nothing out of him either.

"Right..." he huffs and trails off into a silence that is probably, for him, thoughtful. "Find out what's happened to him. I'll get back to you with his location - or at least, the location of his mobile - and you two will approach with caution. We can't afford you risking anything. We've already lost one hunter too many." I feel my lips form a thin, hard line and my brow furrows a little.

"What d'you think's happened?" I mutter, glancing at Connor, noticing his frown matches mine.

"I dunno," he shrugs, "I'm just hoping he didn't see Alex and go chasing after him without warning us."

"Sounds like the kinda thing he'd do, though," I murmur, silently agreeing with Connor. I may want to strangle the guy sometimes, but I've already lost one colleague. I don't really want to lose another.  


The End

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