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Apathy and memories threatened to keep me pinned to that tree hovel floor all night, but eventually, hunger got the better of me.

Which is why I'm walking through the nearest village/town right now, looking for... something to eat. It dawns on me I have a real craving for a bag of Kettle Chips, probably the best crisps in the world. I wonder if there's a shop open at this hour of the night...? I s'pose at least my craving isn't for blood, for the first time in a week, or however long it's been. I'm beginning to lose track.

I follow my nose all the way to a town that has a petrol station with a Tesco Metro attached to it. I can already feel my mouth watering at the thought of having real food, and my stomach growls, urging me to hurry the fuck up.

Inside, I grab a couple of bags of Kettle Chips some cookies, a bottle of water and a few Relentless energy drinks. I earn myself more than a few weird looks from both of the bored looking cashiers and the only other person in there. When I catch sight of myself on the way out, my reflection flashing in the dark windows tells me exactly why.

I look fucking awful. I'm tempted to stop and try to fix some of the damage, but I think a bed, a shower and being human are the only things that might fix this. Unfortunately, the haggard look of something between determination and angry despair in my eyes is all too familiar. It seems to drain the colour out of me, and leave me with a slightly hunched posture.

Unconsciously straightening as I walk out of the shop, I vaguely wonder how I can find somewhere with a bed and shower sometime soon. My thoughts turn back to Maxxie for the fiftieth time, hoping he's found somewhere with a bed and a shower, and that he's okay.

As I flop onto a grass verge to eat, I decide to find him, and take him back to his apartment when I can get out of this place unnoticed. Hopefully I can spend a bit more time preparing that way, too. The hunters will be here looking for me, and I'll be back home sorting stuff out. Nodding to myself, as if to confirm my own idea as a plausible one, I open one of the packets of crisps and settle into thinking about how I might find Maxxie again.

I doubt he'll be lingering behind any sheep in an attempt to prove he can hide behind them again.


The End

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