After waiting around for Alex to come back all day, my mind running around in circles with my usually fierce loyalty to Alex and what Jesse told me, I've finally decided I'm going to go home and hope he'll be okay. What was I hoping to achieve by staying with him? All I discovered by sticking with him is he's outgrown me, and I'm just going to be left behind repeatedly until I realize that this is his fight, not mine.

So, the plan of action is something along the lines of: walk until I find a town that has a car dealership, find somewhere to sleep for the night, wake up, put a huge old dent in my credit card by buying a (much needed) new car, and realize in about two minutes that I am completely fucking lost.

I stare down the road ahead of me and see little more than field after field of sleeping sheep and various crops. No people, no cars, and no towns.

Okay, so finding a town that has a car dealership might take a while at this rate, but I'll get there; I can't be stuck out in this godforsaken place forever. I at least need a phone so I can call my work places and explain why I wasn't there today, and why I won't be for a few days.

Man flu, obviously. I just don't think they'd accept "my friend got turned into a vampire and I insisted I go with him to help him find someone I'm clearly never going to be able to catch up with. Oh, why can't I catch up with this person? Yeah, he's a vampire too." They'd call the mental institute on me before I could say "I'm not crazy, honest!"

I think my lack of nicotine is getting to me. I'm far more irritable than normal. The fact I've gotten sunburn and about a million mosquito bites isn't helping.

Slapping away yet another bug, I notice my stomach growling loudly at me. I prod it, scowl, and tell it to shut up.

"Talking to yourself, snack boy?" a voice that has grown all too familiar over the last couple of days says just behind me.

"Oh goodie, another fucking vampire," I find myself snapping at her, not even bothering to stop or turn to face her. I glower at the sunset, unable to appreciate its beauty, despite the fact that it may well be my last, now that  a probably quite hungry vampire referring to me as ‘snack boy' has just turned up.

Story of my life. One disaster after another. Suddenly, I wish I was back in high school getting the shit kicked out of me for my sexuality, rather than here.

"If you're hungry, just get it over with," I sigh, lifting up my left wrist. This is probably suicide, but what else can I do? I might as well make it easier on myself, than try and run when I will clearly never get away, or fight when she could cave my skull in just by poking it too hard.

She seems taken aback by this, hesitating a moment before replying.

"I'm not hungry," she says and I drop my wrist back to my side, still not turning to look at her, "I was just bored. I wondered where your... boyfriend had gone."

"He had more important things to do than look after his useless companion," I mutter, startling myself once more by how bitter I managed to make my voice sound.

"You guys fall out?" she wonders aloud.

"No... what do you want, if it's not my blood, anyways?"

"Company," she gives me a wry smile as I finally look at her, surprised.

"What happened to your friend?"

"He had better things to do than look after his useless companion," she laughs, "travelling doesn't suit him, let's say." It's now that I notice she has a faintly Scottish accent, and has clean clothes on: a new, low cut blouse and denim shorts, to be precise. Shorts can't be a practical choice for a vampire, surely? What if you get caught in the sun?

"Okay... and you decided I would make good company because...?"

"Because you're not a farmer, or a sheep." I arch an eyebrow slightly, still a little dubious of a previously vicious vampire behaving perfectly civil.

"Right. But you attacked Alex not long ago, and you're obviously not a fan of the LGBT community. Why are you being friendly now?"

"I attacked Alex because of what he did to James. And I think I can live with you being gay... you won't spend all night trying to persuade me you're a stud."

Well, at least she isn't trying to kill me. Who knows, her company may even make the walk seem less arduous.


The End

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