Bite the bullet.Mature



It's kinda hard to keep balance when you're running and you've just been shot in the arm. The wound throbs and burns, making my vision go hazy. I'm forced to trust my feet as I run blindly forward across the fields.

Somehow, I make it to the shade of some trees before I even have a chance to think about how to get the bullet out of me. Walking a little further into the small copse I lean against one of the trees, gasping involuntarily as it jolts my arm.

After a moment, I force myself to bite the bullet (haha...!) and pull it out with my fingers, cursing the lack of tweezers or forceps to get it out instead. Tentatively, I poke the wound gently, sliding down the rough tree a little as a wave of nausea makes my eyes water.

Sucking in a deep breath, I close my eyes and carefully push my finger in deeper, all too aware of just how disgusting and painful this is. I can honestly say I'd rather have every other bone in my body broken than do this again. Nausea hits me again and this time it's here to stay as I move my finger closer to the bullet, catching the edge of it with my nail.

Hooking my nail under the edge of it, I try to tug it out, resisting the urge to throw up as my stomach twists violently. You'd have thought with amazing healing abilities, my body might make use of that and numb the sickening, throbbing pain. But no, I feel every single little movement of the bullet, mini stabs of pain adding themselves to the huge knot of general agony.

I ease the bullet out, letting it drop to the floor. Pressing my hand over the hole in my arm, I breathe slowly, trying to dispel the persistent queasiness.

It's not really working, but hey, I got the bullet out of me, and I can feel my flesh stitching itself back together already.

I was planning on waiting there until it healed over, but when I hear footsteps nearby, just off to my left, I set off again, aimlessly running as fast as I can without flying straight into one of the skinny birch trees that keep appearing out of nowhere at me. I need to find somewhere to sleep, but I've completely lost all bearing on where I am. I could be running in circles for all I know. Trees all look the same to me.

So long as the person the footsteps belong to doesn't catch me, I don't even care.

I just hope Maxxie's okay.


The End

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