Stay safeMature



I hesitate as I watch Jesse gathering speed, glancing furtively at Maxxie. I've been chasing Jesse so long, it's tempting to abandon him here in favor of catching the elusive bastard.

But then... what kind of a guy would that make me?

"Well aren't you gonna go catch him?" Maxxie asks, apparently picking up on my dithering. I'm about to shake my head and walk over to him, when I'm distracted by a whisper in my ear.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Jesse won't wait around," I turn to look for the owner of the voice, and see him haring down the road Jesse took.

"Stay safe," I mutter over my shoulder at Maxxie, abandoning him, and what little sense of normality I had clung to with him.

Jesse had started off at a confident run, convinced I would stay with Maxxie, but as he glanced around to see me close behind, his eyes widened and he sped up, breaking into a flat out sprint that would normally mean another week of planning and careful tracking for me.

But not anymore.

And I think Jesse has only just realized what this could mean for him.


The End

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