"Then fucking beg," Jesse spits, the conviction in his voice almost unnerving.

"Or not," I growl. He smiles dangerously and pulls at Maxxie. A look of panic flickers on Max's face and I resist the urge to bite my lip anxiously. I don't want to end up hurting him in a literal tug of war over him, but I'm not about to fucking let go of him. No way.

Jesse's free arm curls around Maxxie's waist, pulling again, but more gently this time. A flicker of uncertainty twists his face as Jesse whispers something in his ear.

Whatever it is that Jesse said, it makes Max hesitate long enough for another smile to flash across Jesse's face. After a long handful of seconds, Max shoves his arm away, shaking his head, looking disgusted at something. His gaze drops to his feet as he shuffles away from both of us a few steps, and I let go of him as he yanks his arm from my grasp.

He steps on his fallen cigarette, crushing the half dead embers into the ground before lighting another, retreating a few more steps.

Jesse glances at me, grins and starts to run. 


The End

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