I beg to differ.Mature



"You've taken more than enough from me," Alex's voice snaps off to my right as the silhouette I saw leaps down to meet me. The look in the new guy's eyes is one of pure bloodlust and he barely takes notice as Alex thuds down beside him.

Instinctively, I back off a few steps, trying not to provoke this new guy into attacking me.

"Jesse!" Alex yells, striking out with his fist, too angry to find time to draw his knife. Fear for my life and a sudden, near crippling shot of adrenaline fogs my mind, and the link between the name ‘Jesse' and the silhouette comes slower than it should have.

 Jesse turns, about to answer the blow, when he notices I'm about five meters further away than I should be. Irritated by this, he appears next to me in half a blink, his hand firmly around my wrist, almost threatening to break my bone.

"Taken from you?" he laughs, "I haven't taken anything from you."

"I beg to differ," Alex spits, closing the gap between them. He stands on the other side of me, his fingers wrapping themselves around my other arm, giving a slight tug.

This can't be good.


The End

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