So, this mystery guy with the grey eyes shows up and tells me:

  • I've been looking for the wrong guy
  • I should still keep looking for Jesse
  • Jesse knows me... somehow ('cause let's face it, he isn't the kind guy I'd hit the pub with after a day's work)
  • That he knows who I should be looking for... okay, so he didn't tell me that directly, but he sure as hell hinted at it.

Questions chase each other around in my head, making me quiet. Maxxie gives me nervous glances as I walk away from him, but I don't pause to give him a reassuring smile or tell him I'm okay. I don't think I could even if I wanted to. My face feels like it's set in a frown and I can't seem to make my mouth open to speak.

I walk into the village and choose a building at random, climbing onto its roof the way you see video game characters do, perching on the edge so I can watch Maxxie and brood at the same time. 


The End

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