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"So long you've been chasing after the wrong vampire," these are the words that disturb me while I'm trying to drink. My eyes widen and I drop the wrist I'd had pressed to my mouth, spinning to see who spoke.

But there's no one there.

The person I was drinking from groans and tries to sit up. I push them back down, straddling them with my hand over their mouth. It's only now as I feel stubble under my hand that I realize the person is a man, looking up at me with a growing expression of fear, as though he was waking up from a nightmare, only to find the monsters in the corners of his mind are right in front of him.

Which I guess is what I am now.

I ignore him struggling to get free, looking around for the voice.

There's a soft laugh in my right ear, "Jesse isn't the one you're looking for." I turn carefully and look at the man that the voice belongs to. His grey eyes are looking at the guy beneath me, amusement sparkling in them as his gaze slides up to meet me.

"Jesse- he- I..." I splutter and the man laughs again, moving back out of sight.

"It might be worth finding him though. He knows you, after all." Frowning, I stand and twist around to get a proper look of this guy, but he's already gone.

"Hey! Wait!" I yell, but the only person it brings running back over to me is Maxxie.

"What's up?" he asks, glancing at the guy on the floor before dropping to a crouch to help him. Instead of answering, I keep trying to figure out where he went. Nothing. No sign of him anywhere, like he was never here. My frown deepens and Maxxie looks up at me questioningly as he sorts this guy out, but I barely notice.

I want to know who this grey-eyed guy is. 


The End

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