Travelling at nightMature



Don't you just love being woken up by your boss yelling at you over the radio? No? I don't blame you, I don't either.

Apparently turning the radios off so we don't have to hear Mickey whining is a potentially dangerous thing to do, very foolish and... you get the picture.

"I apologized already," Connor growls. Street lights are flashing over us as we speed down a deserted motorway going... south, according to the sign that just flashed past us.

"Why are we going south?" I ask in a tired voice.

"Found a lead on Alex. Apparently he was heading for Wales, last time he was seen," Connor fills me in, talking over the boss.

"And I've been trying to get through to you to tell you this for the last three hours, but your radio was off!" boss shouts, making the radio crackle. I wince at the tone in his voice, and push myself up in the seat, groaning slightly at the stiffness in my neck. "Mickey is already there looking for him, I suggest you hurry up!" the transmission goes dead and Connor sighs.

"You also have a bunch of missed calls from your husband," he tells me. Rubbing my eyes, I unlock my phone, and sure enough, there're six missed calls from my home number. "I pulled over and took one of them. Said he was worried about you because you hadn't texted him or something. I told him you were fine, you just fell asleep."

"I didn't snore, did I?" I ask as I text Brandon to let him know I'm fine and that I'm sorry I didn't text.

"No... not at all," he lies and I whack his shoulder without even looking up.

"Ow! Don't hit the driver!" he yelps and I roll my eyes, turning my head to stare out of the window at the country racing past us.

"Why not? No one around to crash into..." I shudder, "I hate travelling at night."

"The barriers? We'll be there soon enough." I just nod and close my eyes again.


The End

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