I wasn't even aware that I was backing away from the two of them until Alex closes the gap between us. I keep moving back, walking away from him until I hit a fence post. He stops, less than a foot away from me, and for some reason, I bend away from him.

His eyes are hard, almost metallic, shadowed by a heavy frown. In this light, they're the colour of steel, and it only adds to the unnatural aura around him that's making me feel so uneasy. Time seems to drag as he looks into my own eyes. It feels as though he's looking within me for something, like he's searching out my soul and I can do nothing to break the gaze. His nostrils flare slightly, the quiet sound of him inhaling and breathing me in suddenly the only thing I hear.

I've never been more terrified, or intoxicated by him before.

He wraps his hand around my upper arm, pulling me with him as he walks, breaking the moment and leaving my head in a whirl of fresh confusion as he drags me through the field. I glance around and see the other vampire watching us. I'd nearly forgotten about her. She'd seemed completely irrelevant for a moment, despite her threat to ‘tenderize' me. If we weren't already so far away from her, I'd swear she smiled at me being dragged away.

My gaze is distracted by something beyond her, though. A small silhouette walking closer to the vampire woman is what's caught my attention and I watch intently as the person gets nearer.

Then stops.

Just... watching as Alex draws me away.

And then they're out of sight, a bumpy main road suddenly under our feet and lights in the distance ahead of us. 


The End

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