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"You should have had your snack. Or d'you still love him too much?" she wipes her mouth and starts walking in Maxxie's direction, "d'you like your meat tenderized first? Shall I tenderize him the way you did James the other night? Hmm?"

Something in my chest tightens, so hard I can barely breathe as she moves towards Maxxie. She wouldn't dare. He's the only person I have left, she wouldn't dare.

Oh, wait.

No, no, she would.

I snarl and hurtle after her, throwing myself at her. She screeches at me wordlessly as we fall to the ground together, a mess of struggling limbs rolling around in the field in a battle for the upper hand.

It's something of a draw, by the time we're done. I might be on top with my knee in her stomach, one hand holding her head down and the other wrapped tightly around her wrist, but she has her own hands around my throat, and her foot digging into my groin in a way that makes me want to move very carefully. I try to tug her hand away from my throat, twisting her wrist, but she doesn't give in. In fact she just laughs.

"You're too weak, new born! You haven't fed in days," she tells me smugly. I know she's right - I'm panting for air, my head is spinning and I can barely shift her grip on me - but my pride won't let me concede.

In answer to her taunts, I bare my teeth and a guttural growl rumbles in the back of my throat. Because yes, I am too hungry to speak, and it has been too long since I... well y'know. I was hoping if I left it long enough, the need might fade, or that there might be some kind of truth in those stories about vampires going without.

Apparently not.

"You're not a bright one, are you?" she chuckles, lowering her hands and foot, "I'd have thought as a hunter, you would know more than enough about us to survive, but apparently not." Hesitantly, I let go of her and stand up, grimacing as dizziness hits me like a train, almost sending me back down to the ground. The vampire gets up and brushes herself off, tutting as she notices a rip in her shirt. "Well if you want a clue, I'd say you have a few hours before you start to get hunger pains. Plenty of time to go find somewhere to feed," she laughs, looking at Maxxie, who is nearly at the edge of the field - though I can still hear his petrified heart beat, "or you could feed from him. If he's your lover, I'm sure he'd be willing."

I shake my head as she suggests drinking from him and she laughs again. "Idiot," she spits as I walk away, "you wait, hunter. You'll get your comeuppance for all you've done."

Wait, so having vampires kill everyone important to me - except Maxxie - and then being turned into a vampire myself isn't enough?


The End

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