Land of SheepMature



Wales. The land of sheep.

And the land of sheep shit, apparently. Nice.

I s'pose at least in the land of sheep, Jesse should have a hard time hiding.

It's not like he can crouch down behind a sheep and pretend he's not there. He's not that small.

Maxxie is, though.

In fact, right now, Maxxie is crouching behind a sheep and telling me how it might be possible. "I mean, you can't see me now, can you?"

"No, but I can smell you, even over the smell of sheep crap," I roll my eyes, but it's hard not to smile. Like, really hard. Mainly because I can see his feet still, but y'know.

"But you might not be able to smell Jesse, though."

"I can smell car fumes, in the middle of nowhere. I think I'd be able to smell him."

"Touché. Remind me; why have we been walking around fields all night?" he stands up, a tuft of dirtied blonde hair preceding him. He has grass in his hair. I'm not sure I want to know how that got there.

"Because I haven't seen a fucking village for miles, and we've been walking in circles," I mutter. That and I was hoping that sticking to a diet of sheep might help. It hasn't really, but I don't feel so bad about drinking sheep blood, since they've all been bred to be slaughtered anyways. Oh yeah. And I'm totally fucking lost.

If I'd had any chance of finding Jesse before we got here, I think it's pretty much gone now, because we've been wandering around for ages. Everywhere looks the same. It's useless.

"Can't you use your super sense of smell to find somewhere to go?" he suggests.

"I want my iPod," I mutter. He gives me a questioning look and I roll my eyes, "so I don't have to listen to your stupid ideas. I'm not a sniffer dog." Maxxie opens his mouth with an indignant expression on his face, about to say something that will inevitably make me want to hit him, but he's cut off, his gaze drawn to something behind me.

"Y-you might wanna move. Like now," he says. 


The End

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