It's been... I dunno, four days since Alex was last seen at those warehouses - six days since news got through that he's one of them.

Connor and I are travelling up one side of the country, Mickey up the other. We're all going North, but spread out like this, we're more likely to find him. Aidan's still in hospital, they wouldn't let him leave, and we couldn't wait any longer for him. I guess he's off the team for as long as it takes.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Mickey had been the one to get trapped by those shelves; he'd be out of my hair if it had been, at least.

"You guys, we've been travelling the fucking midlands for fucking days. Nothing. We're getting nowhere and you know it. What's the holdup with looking somewhere else?" Speak of the devil, eh? Mickey's voice crackles over the radios we've all got in our cars, and I instantly bristle. Over the last few days it's been nothing but "when are we gonna get to kill the bastard?" or "I can't wait to kill him; wanna hear how I'm gonna do it?" Thing is, I don't think, even after the countless arguments over the last couple of days, that he actually realizes how much it hurts.

Or he does and he's just being a dickhead.

Actually... it's probably the latter.

"And how thoroughly have you been searching, Mickey? Maybe if you spend less time whining, and more time looking, you'll actually find him," Connor says, rolling his eyes and takes his finger off the button so that Mickey can't hear the next words out of his mouth, "or maybe spend less time being ‘distracted' by whores." I smile wryly.

"You should have gone with him," I tell him and he shrugs, ignoring Mickey moaning again.

"Think I coulda put up with that?" he asked, jabbing his finger at the radio, apparently tempted to throw it out of the window.

"Good point." I reach over and turn the radio off. You're not supposed to, but Mickey had started to give us a running commentary of just how boring diving through the countryside is. We lapse into a silence for a while, and I can see Connor itching to put the radio on, but to say our tastes in music are different would be an understatement.

In the silence, I'm thinking. I'm thinking about what Alex might be doing now, whether he'll still be looking for that vampire that got away from him, if he'll be searching for revenge. I think there was an element of revenge that sparked his decision to join the hunters in the first place, but he never really talked about it. He just always looked particularly sour when a certain name came up.

Jesse. That was the name that got him.

I wonder if he's still looking for him...

I shake my head; vampires don't care about that. They're just parasites. Revenge is obsolete to them. 


The End

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