Wales, here I come.Mature



When I'm done with the woman in the summer dress, I take off my ruined shirt and tie it around her wrist, hoping that it'll stop her from bleeding to death. I put my hoodie on and walk back out of the woods for a second time to find Maxxie, leaving her lying there on the ground in the dark.

"Better?" he asks as I come into sight. I shake my head; sure, I'm not hungry and the gnawing sensation in my stomach is gone, but I still can't quite believe it's all for real. He nods understandingly and lights a cigarette. "Wanna get some real food before we go?" he asks through a lungful of smoke. I shrug.

"Do you?" he answers me with a shrug, mimicking me and then smiles, taking another long drag on his cigarette.

"Not really. I don't think I'd keep it down going that fast." Well, at least he's honest...

"Good choice. I don't really wanna deal with you puking on me. It's bad enough when you're drunk," I half smile. He laughs and slaps my arm playfully as we walk away.

"I'm not that bad when I'm drunk," he protests. I'm not gonna say anything.

Apart from that he turns into a sex pest when he's drunk. And that he's a total light weight.


"Well anyways, we better be going. Baldy says Jesse was in Wales only yesterday, but at the rate we're going, it's gonna take a week to get there. C'mon," I take the cigarette from him and throw it to the ground, swinging him up onto my back.

I think I could get used to this whole running fast thing. Even if it means carrying Maxxie on my back with me everywhere.


The End

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