When Alex comes back, he's got blood on his arms, neck, face and on his shirt. He's carrying his hoodie in one hand, his knife in its sheath still strapped to his arm. He doesn't look especially happy, but I s'pose I've seen him in worse moods. I hand him the wad of paper towels I stole from the bathroom, and he takes them without a word, cleaning as much of the blood away as he can.

"D'you kill him?" I ask, as I help wipe off bits that he missed.

"No." I almost feel sorry for the bald guy, but... I dunno. It's either the fact that it's vampires like baldy guy that make all vampires look bad, or it's my ridiculous crush on Alex that stops me feeling bad about what Alex did.

"Get your answer?"

"I got an answer, but whether it was the right answer..." he trails off with a light shrug, frowning as he picked at the blood on his shirt with a sigh.

"What about the woman?"

"She's still with him. She doesn't know where Jesse is, but he does."

"Didn't hurt her then?"

"No." I nod and dump the bloodied tissues in the bin nearby, looking around. "I'm hungry," he mutters after a moment of silence and I nod.

"I'd offer, but I think I'm still recovering from the last time. I guess at least the next person to come out won't be a vampire," I mumble, unable to meet his eyes. It's kinda sinking in a bit that this isn't the Alex I always knew anymore. I mean, his personality won't change (I hope) but he's more than a hunter; he's a predator now, too. It's strange.

A woman in a summer dress walks out of the door, fumbling in her bag and Alex's head snaps up. He waits until she's got a pack of cigarettes out, the green box flashing between her fingers. I watch as he walks over to her, a friendly melt-your-heart smile on his lips completely contrasting with the blood still on his shirt. She doesn't seem to notice the blood; his smile is too distracting as he asks if he could have one of her cigarettes.

She smiles back, nodding and offering him one. He puts it to his lips, waiting for her to light hers. She doesn't get a chance to flick the flint on her lighter before his fist connects sharply with her temple. She crumples as easily as a leaf, the lighter bouncing out of her hand across the paving.

Alex wastes no time in pulling her out of sight. I don't follow. I don't want to see. 


The End

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