Temper, temper.Mature



So... I'm left with this baldy vampire with a knife to his throat and Maxxie by my side, looking from me to baldy and back again, silently asking what I'm gonna do.

If it wasn't so public, it wouldn't take much longer to decide. Thing is, she left him with me because she was confident I won't kill him...

A low growl rumbles in the back of my throat as I wonder how many security cameras cover the nearby areas. Like... those trees over there.

"Stay here," I mutter to Maxxie, "have a smoke or something. Oh, and I'll want some tissues when I get back. Do me a favor and get some, will you?" He doesn't argue, he just nods and leaves me to pull the vampire away from the service station.

The guy starts struggling after a second, when he realizes I'm actually going to kill him. I don't think he's too happy about it. But... I don't care.

"No! Get off me! Eliza'll fucking kill you!" he snarls, thrashing around, trying to get out of my grasp. But even as hungry as I am and as much as I hate being a vampire, I'm quite enjoying being this strong suddenly.

As soon as we're far away enough, I throw him to the ground, rolling him over with one foot. I put my foot on his gut and put most of my weight behind it. He groans, clawing at my foot. I ignore his attempts to unbalance me and lean into that foot hard.

He stops struggling.

"Now that I have your attention," I smile, and he groans, looking away. Oh, I hate it when they do that.

I lean down and whack his cheek with the hand grip of the knife. A bruise flares and fades as he angrily rubs where I hit him.

"Pay attention," I snap at him and he glares up at me. He's being very quiet, making me wonder how I can get him to tell me what I want to know. If he knows it, that is.

"I am paying attention. How can I not when you've got your foot in my stomach and a knife to my throat?" Well it's not directly to his throat. But it's angled that way. I might... accidentally drop it in a fit of anger.

"Good. I want to know where Jesse Alvarez is." He smiles, and he doesn't need to speak; I already know what he's going to say.

"I don't know who you mean." How. Very. Boring.

I tap his teeth with the point of my knife, scratching the enamel with it a little. He refuses to flinch away from it, or make any indication of pain as I drag it across his top gum.

"You do know, I can see you're lying," I tell him, my voice calm and even as I go back to tapping his teeth while I speak, "tell me. Where's Jesse?" He looks at the knife in my hand, his eyes contemplating. "Don't even try grabbing the knife. Tell me where the motherfucker is, and you'll save yourself a whole lot of pain." They always think I'm joking when I say that. I dunno why... I always mean it.

"What're you gonna do, huh? Make me wish I was never born?" he flicks his tongue over the fading scratch marks on his gums, looking up at me with baleful eyes.

"Something along those lines, yeah."

"You've not even restrained my arms. You're a cocky little shit, aren't you?"

"Not cocky. I just know what I'm doing. It's all about confidence and," I move my foot off his gut and onto the side of his thigh, giving it a swift kick, "pressure points."

"You were so very careless," he wheezes, rubbing his leg, "leaving your snack... boyfriend, whatever he is to you, all alone. Eliza might get hungry again."

"You're kidding, right?" I laugh, "Your precious Eliza is just up there," I point up into the tree ahead of me and there's a low growl. She drops out of the tree, straightens to her full height and attempts to look down her nose at me like she's some kinda queen. He's pulled away from me, held tight in her arms, though he looks like he's having a bit of trouble standing. Guess my kick was a bit harder than I thought.

Not that I really care, but y'know.

"Tell me where Jesse is," I repeat myself. Eliza tries to edge away from me, but the baldy guy can't stand up on his own, pain flickering across his face when he puts weight on it. I move closer as she pulls him away. I'm not smiling anymore. I'm hungry, I'm annoyed and all I want is a simple answer instead of all these boring lies. Of course you know where he is, do you not think I've learnt a lot about body language over the last ten years? Do you think I'm a fucking idiot?

Of course, I don't ask him these questions; I'm still waiting for an answer to the one I asked three times already.

The baldy guy shakes his head and Eliza looks a little bit scared as I keep moving towards them, even though they've stopped. His breaths are labored and he looks kinda pale (considering these guys don't exactly spend much time tanning, or breathing hard). It's quite an achievement. I tell him this and he spits at me, saying nothing.

"I'll ask you one more time, nicely, before I lose my temper. Where. Is. Jesse?"


The End

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