I see where your loyalties lieMature



Why do you have to play with my head like that? I realize now he's made the lie, he has to keep it up, but...  I can't help that sticking to the story hurts.

I think I manage to hide it though as Alex has a go at them for being narrow minded.

"This is our ground," the ugly bald man says angrily, "get lost, hunter."Alex takes a step back away from them and I take his hand, moving back with him. I realize he's messing with my head, but I might as well make the lie look convincing.

It takes him a moment to return the grip, but when he does it feels strangely right.

If only he wasn't, firstly, grieving, and secondly, straight.

Honestly, I don't know why my brain doesn't focus on more important things in life, like the fact I'm the only edible thing in reach around three hungry vampires. Or maybe the fact I've got two jobs I just ran away from. No. My brain wants to focus on stupid things like the fact that I'm single, and that Alex is holding my hand.

"Keep going hunter!" the woman shouts and I'm snapped out of my thoughts, suddenly panicking. Don't shout at him! His grip on my hand tightens and I wince, glancing up at his face to see the dangerous look in his eyes. "What're you waiting for, huh? Get lost!" Her voice keeps rising and he snaps, letting go of me. I blink and Alex is behind the bald man, dragging him away from the woman, the knife pressed into his flabby jowls. He backs up, standing with me again so she can't pull the same trick.

The woman looks as shocked as the man.

"What do you think you're doing, hunter?" the man laughs, but his expression betrays a hint of fear. He puts his pudgy hands around Alex's arm and tries to pry it away from him, but they're forgetting that Alex is as strong as them now. The man's struggles are cut off as Alex presses the knife in a little harder, drawing a trickle of blood out of the flab.

The woman's eyes widen and she throws up her hands.

"What do you want!?"

"I want the vampire that ruined my life dead!" Alex yells, making both the man and I wince. The woman's expression, on the other hand, has turned steely, like she won't hand over a member of her kind, regardless of the deal. Even if she's handing them over to... another vampire. Yeah. That totally makes sense.

Though I guess it's pretty clear that Alex isn't joking, or about to chicken out of killing the guy when he finally gets his hands on him.

After a moment of thought, the woman laughs.

"Good luck with that. I'll see you later." And then she vanishes, abandoning her friend with Alex. He whimpers, but doesn't really protest or struggle anymore. He just slumps against Alex, waiting to see what the angry vampire holding him will do. 


The End

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