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"He left town, heading north, I think," a voice says over my shoulder. Mickey is standing behind me, and Aidan... I don't think he could care less where Alex went right now - the painkillers are beginning to wear off.

"Then shouldn't you be," he lets out a wordless growl of pain as he shifts slightly, "looking for him?"

"Well... to be honest, we're not even sure how he got out of town without us noticing," Mickey admits and Aidan rolls his eyes.

"Then go look for him," he grunts, waving the burly guy away. I glance up and behind me. He's already half way over to the door. "You didn't have to stay all night, y'know," he says to me when Mickey's left.

"I couldn't just leave you... it was my fault," I mumble, and he reaches over, putting a finger over my lips, silently telling me to shut up.

"It's not your fault, and you know it. I shouldn't have suggested splitting up. Anyway, there's no point in playing the ‘what if...?' game, is there? It's all done, now. It just means you're gonna have to get on with Mickey and Connor better." Oh, yay. I really want to be stuck in a team with two guys I don't really see eye to eye with.

"Yeah, I know."

"Go home and get some proper sleep, hmm? Let Alex run for a bit - as good a hunter as he was, you weren't far behind him when it came to being the best," he smiles and pokes my nose, "go home." I sigh and figure it's best not to argue.

"Hope you're back on the team soon," I mutter, standing up. He half smiles, the expression mixed with pain as he moves again. "And stop fidgeting," I laugh slightly and he nods.

"Yes, ma'am," he salutes me, managing to make me smile.

"I'll see you tomorrow," I tell him.

"No you won't. You'll be travelling north tomorrow. See ya." Rolling my eyes, I return the salute and leave the room.


"I'm home!" I call, dropping my keys on the table in the hall where the telephone lives. I walk into the living room and smile as I see my husband, Brendan, sprawled on the sofa, a game of rugby playing quietly in the background on the TV. Turning it off, I kiss him lightly on the cheek and leave him to sleep.

I don't, however, go to bed. Instead, I write a note, telling Brendan I'm going for a few days to look for Alex, and that I'll ring him when I can. I'd wait until he's awake, but I don't want my resolve to vanish on me. Dialing Connor's number, I arrange for us all to meet up at the office and get on with tracking him down. 


The End

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