Okay, okay. I know I'm an asshole, please don't yell at me.

I hold onto Maxxie fiercely, to the point where he mumbles for me to stop holding on so tight. He doesn't tell me to let go, though.

The vampire woman stares at us both in disgust and I wonder what the hell she's so disgusted at? C'mon people, it's the twenty first century, what's with the homophobia? Being an old vampire doesn't give you an excuse to hate it, either.

I consider letting her in on that fact, but she doesn't look in the mood to be educated in the way of modern living.

So, instead, I ask, "would you kindly fuck off, we're kinda on the run." I smile. And it's polite. Kinda.

Okay, so I could have been a little nicer, but really, d'you think I'm in the mood to care about that? I mean, I'm in a broken Fiesta, hugging a gay guy to me like he's the one I was about to propose to instead of Angelina and...


I cough, hiding the tears suddenly pricking my eyes behind Maxxie.

"On the run, in a car that has broken down, with a snack," she snickers, as I gently bang my head on Maxxie's back, "good one."

"Shut up and get out," I snap, the sudden reminder that I should have been grieving, and not running around warehouses and drinking my best friend's blood making me... irritable, to say the least.

Except that my voice is muffled in Maxxie's back and it sort of comes out like "shup n gout."

"What was that?" the vampire giggles and Maxxie, bless him, translates.

"He said ‘shut up and get out'," he sighs, his hands on mine, squeezing them gently. I want to slap him away, but having him this close only makes me hungry and I can feel the thirst driving through me again, cutting a path through my thoughts, leaving them more confused than ever.

"I guessed," I can hear the smile on her face, and I just want to punch her. "Might wanna move, snack boy, your newborn boyfriend is getting hungry," she laughs and Maxxie tenses ever so slightly, apparently only just noticing my grip on him tightening again. I hold my breath as best I can, but I can already remember the taste as freshly as if I was already drinking.

"A-Alex, we should really stop off at a service station or something. You can, um... eat there."

"Why don't you come with us, Alex?" the woman asks sweetly, "we were about to stop off at a service station and pick up a couple of snacks for ourselves. Or would you rather eat your boyfriend?" she chuckles at her innuendo,

"I don't really want to eat anyone," I growl quietly, remembering to lift my mouth away from Maxxie's shirt enough to make my words clearer.

"Oh, but you do. Where's the one that turned you? Shouldn't they be teaching you how to feed and keep yourself safe?"

"The one who turned me should be dead," I spit the words out with such venom that she doesn't need me to explain any further.

"You're a hunter," she hisses, and I look up into her wide eyes, my teeth still gritted.

"No shit," I snarl and she recoils, "get out now and I might let you live." She watches as I unfasten my knife from my wrist and suddenly doesn't need any more telling. I watch her run off back to the car she was in before and whoever's in the driver's seat doesn't hesitate to drive away at a stupid speed.

I blink, trying to get rid of the prickling sensation in my eyes as Angelina's face swims in my head, mixed with the hunger.

And then, embarrassingly, I start to cry, still hugging Maxxie, but for a completely different reason this time. 


The End

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