Hand gestures.Mature



"Why do you have such a shit car?" I ask as the gear stick crunches into place. That's really not a promising sound...

"Why don't you have a car at all?" he counters smoothly.

"Because I don't want one enough to work two jobs just to keep it running," I mutter. We've only been driving for half an hour and it already feels like it's about to break down on us. I wish I knew how to hotwire a car... I could steal someone else's faster - more reliable - car. Even my mum's twenty year old Nissan Micra works better than this thing.

Either way, we manage to get out of the town going at about ten miles an hour without being noticed. As we hit the motorway, I manage to get it up to about sixty, though I'm scared for our lives. Not because the hunters have faster cars. No, I'm scared for our lives because this one feels like it's about to fall apart and get us smushed by the lorry behind us.

Not really the way I wanna go out, it has to be said.

A car cuts in front of me, forcing me to use the withering brakes and make the car do something it clearly disagrees with. I curse loudly and make an inappropriate hand gesture at the driver, tempted to climb out of the window and attack them.

But... they have a similar idea. The woman in the passenger seat turns around, glares at me out the rear window for a moment and then sniffs. What can she possibly be smelling beside car fumes?

Her eyes lock onto Maxxie and she climbs out of the window, squinting in the light as she crawls across the roof of their car.

"Oh, fuck," I hiss. Last time I do that hand gesture in a car for a while. I glance at Maxxie. His face has drained of all colour and he looks like he's trying to become a part of his seat. Being in a car with one hungry vampire is bad enough - and now the poor guy's set to be on her menu.

Well, that's what she thinks.

As she launches herself off the roof of that car, I swerve into the hard shoulder. She flies past the window and I laugh; how stupid can you be? Seriously.

"Alex..." Maxxie says slowly, nudging my thigh with the back of his hand, staring in the wing mirror on his side. I'm about to tell him to stop touching me, when I notice what he's seen.

The vampire woman is clinging to the back of the car, and... doesn't look like she's gonna let go. I growl and grit my teeth, slamming the brakes. I stall the car, but I don't care, simply because she's sent flying forward, landing in a heap by the car.

I think I gave Maxxie whiplash.

He groans slightly and I mutter an apology, trying to start the car again, but I think I've officially killed it.

Oh good. 


The End

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