Leaving again.Mature



"You're not leaving without me," Maxxie growls. His hand is clamped around my wrist and I'm trying to get down his hallway without having all his junk fall on me, and without breaking his hand.

"This is why I went while you were at work," I grumble, still attempting to pull away from him. In his other hand is a duffle bag with a couple of spare shirts and clean boxers. I don't think he gets that I'm on the run, not on holiday.

"You came back once because you couldn't handle it alone," he points out and I grit my teeth. "You can't keep doing that, so it makes sense, right?" yes, it makes sense. Stop being so bloody logical.

"I don't want you to come with me, Maxxie. You'll slow me down." And now, as his eyes betray his hurt at the comment, I feel like a bastard. I sigh and stop pulling. "I'm sorry, man," I mutter and he lets go of me, glancing at the floor.

"S'ok," he shrugs, looking back up, half smiling. "You can't help being an asshole." I roll my eyes.

"Okay, you've guilted me into taking you. C'mon, before I change my mind." He doesn't seem to care that the only reason I gave in was the guilt trip, his half smile growing into a grin. I shake my head slightly and stifle another sigh as I walk down the hall towards the door.

"D'ya think I should bring my toothbrush?" he pauses, looking through the bathroom door doubtfully.

"You've already got half the medicine cabinet in your bag, you don't need anything else."

"It's not my fault, I get ill a lot," he protests as I grab his arm and drag him out of the apartment.

"You don't get ill, you're a hypochondriac," I mutter under my breath and he laughs. He doesn't say anything more as we leave the apartment block, walking out into the car park where the street lamps are beginning to flicker on and even the dull sunset makes me squint. We walk over to his battered old Ford Fiesta and he throws me the key. Well, I guess having the hungry vampire as the passenger might be a bad idea. I get in and wonder what the hell I'm doing.

Why am I dragging Maxxie into this?

Not that he seems to care; he's acting like this is some kind of adventure or something, smiling as he climbs into the passenger seat beside me. 


The End

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