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"AIDAN!" I half shriek, half sob, suddenly terrified as Alex advances. I shuffle back, fumbling with my gun. Alex pauses, looking up as Aidan's feet slap along the concrete floor loudly now he's not bothering to hide. Turning his head for a moment, he pauses, then lifts an arm, giving the shelf unit on his right a hard shove.

It wobbles and creaks, crashing down into its neighbor. And, as I feared, they're just dominoes waiting to tumble.  

Each unit collides with the one next to it with a huge, echoing bang that makes me want to cover my ears and wince with each screech of metal on metal. Suddenly, I'm more concerned with Aidan's safety than keeping Alex in the building.

Which is just as well, really. I blink, looking in the direction that Aidan's running footsteps had been coming from. And when I look back, Alex is nowhere to be seen. I shake that off though, and sprint off towards where I think Aidan is.

There's a pained cry and a loud string of curses that echo off the walls. A few moments later, I reach him. Most of him is fine, but his ankle is trapped between two of the shelves. I don't think I need to look further than the expression on his face to tell it's broken.

I move over to the metal heap on top of his foot and try to shift it, but even with the amount of adrenaline in my blood, I can't make it move. Why do they make these things so easy to push over, but so hard to move once they're on the floor?

I pull out my phone and call Mickey, promising Aidan he'll be alright soon.

"Did you get him?" he asks through a grimace as Mickey picks up. I shake my head and whisper a sorry over Mickey asking me what's wrong.

"You there, Joey?" he asks impatiently.

"Yeah... the shelving units fell on Aidan's leg, I need you to lift them off and get him to a hospital."

"D'ya get Alex?"

"No... he pushed them over and used it as a distraction."

"Oh, fucking hell," he curses heavily and then proceeds to curse me for being an idiot. I just hang up on him and sat down beside Aidan with a sigh.

Because yes; it's my fault that Alex made them fall on him and it's my fault he's got a broken ankle. I know that, I just don't want Mickey rubbing it in.

That and I am apparently incapable of doing my job. 


The End

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