Not as alone as I'd like to beMature



Take the worst sunburn you've ever had, and times it by... I dunno, a million. That's how it feels to be out in the sun, running circles around a hunter for an hour.

It's times like these that I really wish I'd paid more attention to the more barbaric of the hunters. Y'know the ones that like to pin vampires down in the sun til they die. If I had, I might know how long I've got til I do any real damage to myself.

As it is, I haven't got much more of a clue than how bloody hot I'm getting running around with a hoodie on.

I can see Mickey from the roof where I am, and Maxxie is walking out of a shop near him. They both look up and see me and Maxxie, bless him, manages to distract Mickey. I'd stay and watch, but I need to find somewhere to hide.

I leap off the building into the back alley, not pausing to enjoy the wash of shade over me. It's like taking a cold shower after a really hard day's work in the heat. The beginnings of the sunburn on my hands and face heal within seconds as I speed down the alley, pushing through all the garbage bags and shit they keep down there.

There're sun spots in my vision and it's kinda making keeping upright hard at this speed, but I know Mickey's quick - despite his build - so I press on.

I keep running, following my feet until I reach the industrial estate on the edge of town. Big shady warehouses with minimum protection. Perfect.

I make short work of the door, getting inside and skulking all the way into a corner where it's darkest. Flopping down on the floor, I hug my knees to my chest and rest my head on them, trying to figure out what to do. Mickey stopped chasing me at one point. He doubled back and got his car, I know that much. What I don't know is whether he picked up the trail after that or not. I think he did.

God, I hope he doesn't follow me here. I've effectively trapped myself in a big metal box.

But I can't keep running like that. The heat of an average spring day is insane. Suddenly, I'm not looking forward to the summer...

I don't know how long I sit there for, but I'm half asleep from pushing my body unnaturally hard by the time I realize I'm not as alone as I'd like to be.

Quiet footsteps shuffle along the floor, clearly not wanting to be heard. I look up, trying to hear the direction they're coming from.

The left. I stand up slowly, making sure I don't make any noise as I edge around to the right of the warehouse. I look around to see the beam of a torch flicking around the corner and my heart skips a couple of beats.

I hate this. I hate running and hiding and being... ugh - a vampire. I'm pretty tempted to go out and tell Mickey to just get it over, but... I can't.

I can't make myself do that, and knowing the vampire that got me in this situation in the first place is - apart from surviving long enough to get some kind of revenge on the bastard - is the only thing on my mind.

The light seems to move faster than I do, and as the beam hits my feet, I freeze completely. The beam moves up my body and comes to a rest on my face. I squint, half turning my face away from the bright light, though I'm trying to figure out who the person holding the torch is. 


The End

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