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"Oh, c'mon Mickey, you can hit the fucking door harder than that!" I hear the other voice laughing before there's another thud and a crack of wood giving way.

And to be honest, I didn't need either of them to drop a name, I realized who it was the moment they were close enough for me to pick out words. This, I s'pose, is where most vampires would be fucked, and royally so. Especially a newborn. Most freeze, or stay to fight, thinking they'll win.

None of them ever think about getting the fuck outta there.

Which I do, incidentally.

Normally, a five storey drop would concern me slightly as I throw open the window, intent on climbing out. Luckily, though, I know that a vampire won't be killed by a five storey drop. In fact, they'd be unlucky if they broke so much as a finger.

I swing my legs out over the sill and try not to look down. As confident as I am that I won't be killed, I still have that human survival instinct screaming at me not to be such an idiot.

What the hell are you doing, you dumb fuck?! You'll fall and die and then you might as well have stayed and put up a fight. Don't do it. Oh god, why are you standing on your window sill like a suicide case ready to jump? Are you suicidal? Is there something you haven't been telling me? No, no! Don't do that! See that wall? It's flat. There is no fucking chance in hell that you will be able to cling to that.

I close my eyes and push that voice to the back of my head, and fix my eyes on the wall, reaching out a hand like I'm reaching for a handhold. I know there aren't any, but I s'pose being a vampire in a situation like this has its merits. I can just make my own. Thinking about it, I should lose the shoes, they won't help.

I kick them off into the street below, and put my hand against the wall, pushing my fingers into the cement with a worrying ease. I don't have time to worry about the quality of the building I've been living in for the last four years, though. So I keep going, closing the window and putting my other hand into the wall, letting my feet dangle as I haul myself away from the sill for a second. I dig my toes in, too and wait, hoping I don't get noticed up here.

Why am I waiting?

Because I want to hear what Connor and Mickey have to say.

I really should have cleaned up the gear on the bed before I climbed out of the window. Now they know I'm armed.

I sigh and hope they hurry up. The sun's getting kinda uncomfortable.

The End

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