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At least he's honest.

Though I'm not so sure if making him drink my blood was such a great idea now. Thinking about it, I'm torn. I mean, the expression on his face as the thirst got to him was horrible. Wouldn't you do the same for your best friend - and long term crush?

I sigh, wishing that I didn't like him so much. I was longing for something that could never happen anyways, and if anything it's gotten even more impossible. He's not gonna age anymore, stuck in a twenty six year old's body for however long he goes on to live, and I'm gonna age and die like a normal human. That and if by some miracle he liked me back, he would never act on it now; he'd always be too cautious about hurting me.

If there was a wall in front of me right now, I'd be banging my head on it.

"Joey's gonna go spare when she finds out about this," Alex sighs, walking back in, his voice preceding him into the room.

"She's gonna go more than spare, Alex. And they're gonna be after you," I point out. He's a threat to them not only as a vampire now, but as one of the best hunters, he knows all too much about how to get away from them.

"I know, I know." He grimaces and runs a hand through his hair. "She'll be upset about it for a week or so and then she'll go mental at how stupid I was to let myself get turned."

"Going after the one you love isn't stupid, Alex. Going in there as unprepared as you were was what was stupid." He glances at me with a baleful look on his face and then nods reluctantly.

"I know that, too. Think I would have gone in there the way I did if I knew this was gonna happen?"

"Probably." I smile and he shakes his head in exasperation.

"You are the most frustrating person I know. Why am I friends with you?" he growls, the scowl not lifting from his face.

"You're frustrated by the fact you can't enjoy my awesomeness more fully because of your restrictive sexuality." I tell him, nodding to myself, only meaning half of that. I'm not awesome. Wish I was, though.

"My sexuality isn't restrictive. Yours is. I'm not often faced with the same kind of hate for being heterosexual the way homosexuals do. I should know, I saved you from your haters more times than I care to remember." Okay, okay. No need to fucking rub it in.

"Shh," I tell him, waving a hand at the sofa, silently inviting him to sit back down. As much as I love the guy, he can be kinda intimidating when he's standing in the doorway glowering at you.


But scary.

He pauses for a moment, apparently torn between walking out into the night falling on the town, or sitting down and coming to terms with the shit life's dealt him this time around.

He chooses the sofa.

"I'm gonna order a Chinese, I think. Want any?" I ask, suddenly realizing he wasn't the only one who was getting peckish. He shrugs and I throw him a menu from the little pile by the phone. I considered getting rid of my collection of take away menus a few weeks ago. And then I realized I would probably starve. I end up watching him as he looks blankly at the glossy pink paper in his hand instead of looking at my own menu.

When he glances up at me, I swiftly switch my eyes down to the writing in front of me, glad for a moment that I've probably not got enough blood left to blush.

"I'll have Singapore noodles if you promise to stop staring at me," he mutters, dropping the menu on the coffee table. I nod, not looking up, hiding my smile in my menu.

The End

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